NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book (MCB) Unit 26

Unit-6 Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Class 10

Unit 26 Unit-6 Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Exercise Answers & Summary

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Unit-6 : Solutions of Questions on Page Number : 231

Q1 :  

Jog your memory for interesting and memorable slogans you may have come across:

Airlines Slogan __________________________

Adult Education Campaign Slogan ____________________

Struggle for Independence Slogan ____________________

Polio Eradication Slogan ____________________________

Eye Donation Slogan _______________________________

Blood Donation Slogan _____________________________

Answer :

  • Airlines Slogan: "Fly The Good Times".

  • Adult Education Campaign Slogan: "Our achievement as individuals and our success as a democratic society depends on learning continually, adapting to change readily, and evaluating information critically."

  • Struggle for Independence Slogan: “Liberty is the breath of life to nations.” -  George Bernard Shaw.

  • Polio Eradication Slogan: “Polio is a dangerous disease, pray for its eradication”

  • Eye donation Slogan: Eye Donation makes your eyes immortal/Let Eye Donation be your family tradition/LIGHT up a life, donate your EYES.

  • Blood donation campaign: Your donation of blood today may be an investment for your future.

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Q2 :  

Look at the pictures given below, frame short, interesting and creative slogans:

Answer :

1. Education is the movement from darkness to light.

2. Be Alert to Avert Accidents!

3. Avoid the Scare...Be Aware
 Help Us Find A Way to End the Decay
Don't Delay...Get Tested Today

4. Billion hearts.....but one soul.......Billion hands but one body........Billion minds........but one thought......"PATRIOTISM"

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Q3 :  

Work with your partner and write six prominent features of Indian identity.

Answer :

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