Class 11th CBSE Subjects

E English
P Physics
C Chemistry
E Economics
M Maths
B Business Studies
B Biology
A Accountancy
S Sociology
P Psychology
P Political Science
Class 11 is the class where students get to choose what they want to study. They can choose from the three major streams viz. Science, Commerce and Arts, focusing on a wide range of subjects. Class 11 is about moving on from the things you’ve have learned so far and see them under a different light to understand them better. This might often startle students at first but will soon subside as students spend some time studying their subjects. Here’s what CBSE has outlined.
Some Preperation Tips for Students :
  • Finding the right time and place to study: It has now been proved scientifically hat different people are active and most productive at different times of the day, according to their circadian rhythms. It’s better to find the right time of the day when you are most productive to self-study.
  • Revise frequently: To stay afloat the coursework, students must keep revising all that they have learnt. Frequent revision is important to keep things from forgetting, it becomes a necessity when you have so much courseware to prepare for your exams.
  • Take enough breaks:'Slow and steady, wins the race' – Well, its not as much as true in the "slow" part but definitely is in the 'steady' part. Consistency is the key to success.
  • Make concise notes
  • Focus in the classroom
  • Take care of your health