Class 7th CBSE Subjects

E English
M Maths
S Science
S Social Science
Class 7 covers topics specific to the needs of the syllabus specified by CBSE. The middle class of secondary school, Class 7 demands some specific skills to be learned by the students to help them grow and progress to newer levels of difficulty and increase their learning and understanding power. Class 7 focuses on building a strong mental character in students to help them conquer bigger challenges coming forward in their course of academics and life.
Preparation Tips :
  • Class 7 students must develop their ability to self-analyze their work, find critical weak links and rectify them.
  • Class 7 students must learn to form effective time -table and follow it by heart.
  • School home work should at done on time, don't leave things for the next day.
  • Prepare good amount of notes so that you get ample help in your exams.
  • To improve your language, you must read newspaper daily and write journal. It helps in building a clear foundation of self and ideas.
  • Eat healthy and fresh; avoid junk food at all costs.