Class 8th CBSE Subjects

S Science
S Social Science
M Maths
E English
Class 8 is the last class of secondary level school and prepares students to move forward to bigger challenges in the next level senior secondary school.
Class 8th students must aim at developing following qualities or habits :
  • Class 8 students must develop their ability to self-analyze their work, find critical weak links and rectify them.
  • School home work should at done on time, don’t leave things for the next day.
  • Eat healthy and fresh; avoid junk food at all costs.
  • CBSE Class 8 Exam preparation – Syllabus, Sample Paper, Guess papers
  • Students must learn to form effective time -table and follow it by heart.
  • Representing 3-D in 2-D. Identify and Match pictures with objects [more complicated e.g. nested, joint 2-D and 3-D shapes].