Class 9th CBSE Subjects

S Science
S Social Science
M Maths
E English
Class 9 is the foundation for the preparation of Board papers that students need to clear in the next class. Class 9 is one of the toughest classes, a lot of that comes from the fact that everything changes in class 9, the way students approach the course and the whole environment of class. For class 9, CBSE has set some special guidelines. The syllabus has been carefully designed to suit the needs of students.
Some Preperation Tips for Students :
  • Focus in the classrooms:Class 9 requires students to be very focused with their studies. They must pay close attention to what’s being taught in class. A lot of students nowadays take the aid of coaching institutes and start avoiding what’s taught in schools. Pay close attention to what’s being taught in school. You’ll have twice as much as time to build your concepts, both in school and coaching class.
  • Finding the right place to study: Find a quiet place to study. It will improve your concentration twofold. Most of the times students forget to sit at the right place to study. Also, if you are one of the students who like to study while listening to music, especially music – Avoid it at all costs. It decreases your concentration and is harmful in the long run.
  • Make concise notes: Making notes is a great habit and helps in two ways. One is when you make notes, it better sorts the information in your mind to help you understand better and retain it for longer period of times. The second is when you need to revise
  • saves a lot of time and allows you to quickly revise all your courseware before final exams in a short duration.