A.G. High School

  • Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
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    Senior-Secondary-School(till 12th class)

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    Co-Education (Girls and Boys both)

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    Usha Raval

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    A.G. High School Website

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About School

A.G. High School And G & D Parikh Higher Secondary School, (a Co-educational English Medium and Gujarati Medium from Standard 9 to 12) is a premier educational institution run under the aegis of 'The Ahmedabad Education Society' & recognized by the department of Education, Gujarat State.
At our institute, we aim at a value based education with due emphasis on creating confident, competent, morally and socially mature individuals who are an asset to the society, they live in. Achieving academic excellence is not our only aim. We consciously, aim at stressing upon the students imbibing human values of love, charity, peace, brotherhood, religious tolerance and love for nature.

About Teachers/Faculty

  • Shri  R. B. Modi:- M.Sc | Physics

  • Y. V. Maniar:- M.Sc. | Botani

  • M. M. Shah:- M.Sc. | Chem. 

  • V. V. Raval:- M.Sc. I Botany

  • K. K. Pithadiya:- M.Sc. I Chem.

  • J. N. Patel:- M.Sc. I Maths

  •  P. N. Rajkotiya:- M.Sc. I Physics

  • M. K. Patel:- M.Sc. I Maths

  • M. P. Vazirani:- M.A. I English

  • M. K. Trivedi:- M.Com. I Costing

  • K. M. Thaker:- M.Com. I Costing  

  • Y. V. Kelker:- M.Com. I Costing

  • R. J. Patel:- M.A. I Geography

  • V. L. Patel:- M.A. I Geography   

  • P. V. Kamboya:- M.A. I Economics

  • R. H. Trivedi:- M.Com. I B.A.

  • S. S. Suthar:- M.A. I Sanskrit

  • J.M. Bhatt:- M.A. I Hindi / Sans.

  • N. K. Soni:- B.Sc. I Phy / Maths

  • K. S. Thakor:- B.Sc I Chem.

  • R. H. Patel:- S.S.C. 

  • R. N. Padia:- B.Com. | DCA | DOEACC 'O' Level | MCA

  • H. D. Jadeja:- BCA

  • H. H. Thaker:- M.Com., Hdse

  • S. M. Desai:- BCA

  • A. M. Kodia:- B.com, MCA

  • P. K. Shah:- BCA, MCA

  • R. N. Vaishnav:- BCA, MCA

  • B. R. Jadav:- BCA, MCA

  • T. B. Barot:- BCA, MCA

Admission Details

Admission to this school is restricted by certain Government regulations and by conditions of age, capacity and conduct. Applications for admission will be scrutinised and placed in the class for which they are found fit.
No admission is complete until the school leaving certificate from the last recognized school attended is produced it and countersigned by the Educational inspector of the state, If the pupil comes from another state.
The principal reserves the right to refuse an application without assigning reasons for his action.

Labs Details

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Computer Science

Sport Available

  • Athletics
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Volley Ball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Skating

Address Details

A.G. High School And G. & D. Parikh
Higher Secondary School, Navrangpura
Gujarat - 380009
Phone : 91-79-26443172, 91-79-26464626
Email : principal@aghighschool.ac.in