School of India, Bannerghatta, Bangalore

  • Bannerghatta, South Bangalore , Bangalore

About School

A school where tomorrow’s India is born today.
Where Nationalism precedes Internationalism.
Where everyone celebrates Indianness.
Where every student is product of BEING INDIAN.

Our vision
is to be a role model for all schools in India and globally, democratize good quality education and build a learning environment that creates socially responsible and balanced global citizens.

Our Mission
That guides us in our quest to achieve our vision A Pan India footprint across metros, districts HQs and rural India Create an autonomous education board that guides and mentors the school which emerges as the ‘thought leader’ in the education space Build a robust teachers training system and make them active partners in shaping the future of the school Impart high quality education in multiple ways to all sections, of socio economic class and nationalities Design spaces that are sensitive to the needs of the child and the environment.

Our Identity
Our identity is representative of the unity of creation formed with five interconnected circles.
The sphere is the most perfect form that makes up the entire cosmos. The interlinked circles signify the oneness of life. And of education which is the basis of enlightenment.
The significance of 5 is a powerful one and finds deep meaning in diverse cultures Each circle in our identity represents the following Rooted in 5 Core values: Integrity, Creativity, Diversity, Brilliance and Tolerance The five elements of nature are the basis of the design of the school: Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Ether A school that cuts across demographics: Villages, towns, cities, states and nations And cultural diversity of the nation: North, South, East, West and Central Nurturing at every stage of learning: Playschool, Nursery, Primary, Middle and Senior Shaping Global Citizens: Mind, Body, Intellect, Intuition and Soul Ultimately Influencing Students, teachers, policy makers, institutes and communities at large

Teaching Philosophy
While learning about what is happening around the world, we many a times forget to learn things about our own country. At SCHOOL OF INDIA our teachings are inspired from the rich legacy of India. An India that has contributed so much to the world and has been instrumental in shaping the modern world we see today. We celebrate everything Indian and instill a sense of pride about the country in your child. We help shape a strong foundation so that each child and India has a lot more to share with this world. We have adopted an integrated approach to building the school of tomorrow. Respecting the unity of creation, the oneness of life, our learning environment is synchronized, harmonious to nature and wholesome. The child will discover new things about India everyday of his/ her life at SCHOOL OF INDIA.

Campus Details

Open Campus
The campus is spread over a total of 10 acres amidst sylvan and serene surroundings away from the hustle of the city. The school has picturesque landscaped campus which includes large central courtyard, well ventilated and naturally lit classrooms that open out into the outdoors, large interactive spaces and playgrounds.School of India is situated in scenic surrounding which promotes holistic development.

Learning beyond Classrooms
A gamut of co-curricular activities along with academics are offered for the all round development of the children. At School of India, learning is extended beyond the classrooms through numerous competitions, cultural activities, language classes, inter disciplinary studies, social work, environmental awareness programs, educational field trips for hands on learning and more

Sports Facilities
We strongly believe in physical education and fitness. By organizing various intra and inter-school sports competitions, we aim at inculcating a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. Our extensive fitness program covers a whole range of games, sports, outdoor activities, yoga and aerobics. The school is equipped with the infrastructure for the following Indoor &Outdoor games& activities: Table Tennis, Chess, Swimming, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Karate, badminton, Yoga, Aerobics and more.

About Teachers/Faculty

Sri. K. Rahman Khan : Founder and Chairman, KKECT
Mrs. Ayesha Rahman Khan : Trustee KKECT.
Mr. Maqsood Ali Khan : Secretary, KKECT
Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan : Treasurer, KKECT
Dr Masood Ali Khan : Treasurer, KKECT

Sport Available

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Judo-Karate
  • Swimming
  • Tennis

Address Details

Opp Sarla Birla Academy
Anekal Road, Bannerghatta
South Bangalore , Bangalore
Karnataka - 560083
Phone : 720 405 1947
Mobile : 779 505 1947
Fax : 26572787
Email :