The Enemy Summary

Sadao was a Japanese surgeon.
He studied in America and returned with Hana, a Japanese girl whom he met
there, and married her in Japan and settled down comfortably. While most of the
doctors were sent to serve the Japanese army in the World War II, Sadao was allowed
to stay home because he was wanted by the old General who was dying.

But one night into his
uneventful life came an American Navy-man, shot, wounded and dying. Though
unwilling to help his enemy, Sadao took the young soldier into his house and
provided him with medical aid. He was in danger from that moment. Soon his
servants left him. Dr. Sadao saw that the soldier was getting well and
absolutely alright.

Once his patient was no more
in need of him, the doctor turned out to be his assassin, conspiring to kill
him in his sleep. He informed the General of the American and the General
promised, he would send his private men to kill the American. Sadao awaited the
American’s death every morning but to his gloom the man was still alive,
healthier and posing danger to him.

At this point Sadao becomes
the real man in him, a true human being who realizes the essential worth of
human life and universal brotherhood. He thinks beyond countries and continents
and races and wars. He finds no reason to believe that the American is his
enemy. Sadao rescues the American. Thus Sadao rises above narrow prejudices and
acts in a truly humanitarian way.

The Enemy Ncert Solutins :  NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 2

Main Points : 
1. Dr. Sadao, a Japanese surgeon finds a
wounded American soldier on the beach near his house.

2. 2. He is unable to throw him back into sea
though he was his enemy. Being a doctor, his first duty was to save a life.

3. Hana, his wife though initially reluctant
joins her husband in operating and nursing the enemy soldier back to health.

4. It is dangerous to keep the enemy in the
house so all the servants left. Hana does the housework alone. 

5. The General did not send Sadao with the
troops as he is an expert surgeon and the General might need him any time for
an emergency operation.

6. Even General comes to know that Sadao is
harbouring his enemy, he does not take any action and suggest that he would
send his private assassins to kill the enemy and remove his body.

7. Dr. Sadao performs an emergency operation
and succeeds.

8. The General promises a reward and saves the
life of Dr. Sadao who in return helps the American soldier escape in his boat.